A personal piece. It was originally intended as part of a proposal for a capstone game at the Guildhall, but I rejected the premise due to scope issues. I decided to finish it anyway, since I liked the story it tells.

A splashpage created for a class assignment. I wanted to contrast the psuedo-militaristic, cybernetic nature of the scene with the girl's simple, quiet contemplation.

The Demon's Hall was created for an independent study project. The goal was to create not just an environment or characters, but to tell a story as well.

Promotional poster for my capstone game, Arbor. Players guide Votive, a tiny clay figurine, through a ruined temple to plant Sacred Bulbs and return the world to life, outsmarting monsters along the way.

The forest guardian combines Indian and Chinese motifs with a mysticism of my own invention.

An environment scene designed to fit within Insomniac's Resistance series. The emptied sea reflects the large scale environmental changes in the Resistance series - as the planet cools, the sea level drops as more water is converted to dense ice.

The first image of a six part Observatory Suite. The Observatory sits high in the Himalayas, scanning space for radio signals, searching for clues to the nature of the universe.

The second entry in the Observatory Suite. The nameless hero is a scientist working at the Observatory, but he rises to the occassion when the facility intercepts a transmission of extraterrestiral origin and begins to go haywire.

Part three of the Oberservatory Suite. Raptors are maintenance robots created to keep the Observatory complex running in harsh weather. Initially equipped with small arms to dispense with local pests, the Raptors turned violent as the primary computer was hijacked.

Created in the Unreal style for a class project. Chashmal is themed after early, jet black concepts for the Necris. He takes his name from the book of Ezekiel, where 'Chashmal' pertains to a type of divine radiance, fatal to behold.